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Delivery and pick up of semitrailers

Please use following instructions to ensure that the delivery and pick up of trailers is safe. These instructions are valid only for trailers transported by Transfennica.

  1. You can leave or pick up semitrailers in the harbour 24/7 and you don’t have to inform us about that.
  2. When you pick up a trailer, please check that it has arrived before entering the harbour area. You can also see where the trailer is situated by using the unit search.
  3. When you deliver a trailer to the harbour, make sure you leave it at the correct area. Check out the areas on this map.

Trailers for Lübeck:
Trailers shall primarily be left in the area C30-C36. If you can not find space there, please use B21 as an alternative area. If these areas are all
in use, you can also leave the trailer at areas A11-A13 or A21-A25.

Trailers for Antwerp and Tilbury:
Please leave the trailers at A21-A25.

When you bring a trailer, leave it at the correct trailer area and check that it’s not on the driving route or too close to the railroad tracks. If the trailer is left incorrectly and blocks other traffic, the trailer will be moved and a fee will be charged of the transport company.

You must wear a high-visibility vest, safety footwear and a helmet whenever you leave your vehicle in the harbour area. More specific instructions are available here.

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