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Instructions for cargo deliveries and pickups

Paper unloading / loading:



7.00 – 21.00

Please report to the forwarding office, the agents give instructions for discharging location.



7.00 – 20.00

You will get a loading reference in advance, please show it to the agent at the forwarding office when you arrive at the harbour.

Terminal Forwarding Office is open


7.00 – 15.00



Terminal Forwarding Office

+358 (0)50 433 8018


You don’t have to inform us if you pick up or leave a semitrailer in the harbour. You can search where the trailer is situated by using our unit search. When you leave a trailer, please check that you put it at the correct trailer area and that it is not on the driving routes or to close to the railroad tracks. We inform all customers the estimated discharging time for the units. You will find more instructions here.


+358 (0)40 740 7997


+358 (0)40 740 8021

General and project cargoes:

Please contact the project department at the latest one day before delivery, for agreement on time of delivery, way of handling etc. Report at the forwarding office by delivery.

Project department

+358 (0)40 536 4198

+358 (0)400 304 443


A terminal report must be sent to in advance or handed over at the desk in the forwarding office during office hours

The same procedure goes for both import and export containers. We inform all customers the estimated discharging time for the units. You will find instructions for delivery and pick up of containers here.


+35840 740 7997


+358 (0)40 740 8021

Electricity connections:

If your unit needs electricity connection, please fill out this form in advance and send it to 


+358 (0)40 740 7997


+358 (0)40 740 8021

Self-propelled machines and cars:

Make sure your unit is booked/ready for pick up. After that you report to the forwarding office. 


+358 (0)40 740 7997


+35840 740 8021

Unit search:

We have developed a feature that allows drivers to check where trailers and containers have been discharged. We send, as before, estimated unloading times of the units to the consignees one day before arrival. The feature offers the possibility to check if the unit is still on board or if it has been unloaded and to which field in that case. You will find it here: Unit search

Please contact our Forwarding Office, if you have any problems finding the unit. Drivers shall arrive in the port area after the unit has been unloaded. By avoiding congestion, it is safer to move in the harbour.



Safety is of highest priority and takes precedence over all else at all time. Your actions will affect your own and other people´s safety. Make yourself familiar with these instructions, before entering the port area, and act accordingly. You will find more information about safety in Port of Hanko here.


We operate in two different ports in Hanko: Western Harbour and Outer Harbour. In addition to our offices, the Western Harbour is used for export of forest industry products, semi-trailers, project cargoes, warehousing and other terminal services. The Outer Harbour is mainly used for car import.

Western Harbour

  1. Maja – Head office
  2. Social facilities
  3. Machine hall & garage
  4. Lokomo – Forwarding & check in
  5. Harbour office

Map and directions

The official roads are marked with white lines.

Area map, semitrailers and containers

The trailer areas in Western Harbour have been renewed. On the map you can see where different areas are situated. Please use the driving routes marked on the map when you deliver och pick up a container. You will find all official roads in the harbour on the map “Western Harbour”. Take note of the areas where you must not drive. The unit shall be ready for pick up before you enter the harbour area. Remember to use the search feature, to check if the unit has been unloaded and to which field in that case.

Outer Harbour

The Outer Harbour is located at the free port area of Hanko Tulliniemi.

The Outer Harbour offers two Ro-Ro berths (OH1 & OH2).  It is mainly used for vehicle import.

  1. Gate to the Freeport
  2. Gate to the berth
  3. Place of delivery

Map and directions