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We take care of any formalities relating to the storage, handling or export of steel, paper and other forest industry products. Services also include export to overseas destinations and comprehensive shipping documentation. Our forwarders manage check-in of containers and other units.


+358 (0)40 740 7997



Import services have been developed to be as convenient as possible for the customer.  An estimated unloading time regarding semi-trailers, wheeled cargo and containers is reported to the customer on unit basis every day.  In addition, we take care of the handover of units and transport of containers, units and transit cargo. Our forwarders also handle the customs clearance for goods from outside the EU.


+358 (0)40 740 8021

Terminal operations

In our warehouses, we receive industry products and other goods for further shipment. All warehouses are equipped with vehicle loading ramps and have rails reaching inside, which means that the cargo is unloaded indoors.   

We provide terminal services for: 

  • Vehicles
  • Railway wagons
  • Containers
  • Cassettes
  • Mafis
  • Semi-trailers


+358 (0)40 536 4198

Cargo handling

Our skilled staff and versatile equipment guarantee effective and reliable cargo handling services. Loading and unloading is performed according to customer requirements. 

  • Storo
  • Roro
  • Lolo
  • Project loads
  • Imported vehicles

The equipment: 

  • Forklift (0 – 10 t) 53 pcs
  • Forklift (10 – 16 t) 9 pcs
  • Forklift (20 – 33 t) 8 pcs
  • Terminal tractors 25 pcs
  • Front loaders 4 pcs
  • Mobile cranes 3 pcs
  • Transport wagons for cassettes 11 pcs
  • Transport cars 12 pcs
  • Other 7 pcs


+358 (0)40 182 3360

Ship’s clearance

We provide high quality ship’s clearance services, mainly in Hanko, but upon agreement also in other Finnish ports. Our ship’s clearance personnel is available and at your service 24/7. Customer needs and expectations are the basis of our work.  We handle the communications between all shipping parties whether it is about ordering a pilot, berth reservation or shipping documents.

Due to our wide range of experience mostly in liner traffic, but also in other maritime traffic, we can offer high quality and cost-effective services.


+358 (0)40 661 7974

+358 (0)40 661 7932

Projects and transports

The Port of Hanko is situated at an ideal location for project exports and imports. Our comprehensive fleet of machinery and other equipment enables us to handle many different types of project cargo. We offer warehousing, transport and forwarding for all kinds of cargo, including heavy cargo and other cargo that need special arrangements. We also offer door-to-door or port-to-port consignments. 


Göran Eriksson +358 (0)40 536 4198

Camilla Laine +358 (0)40 728 4647