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Dear customer, due to the current situation we are making some changes in our customer service to minimize direct contact.

  • please contact us per telefon in case you have questions: +358(0)40 740 8021 (import), +358(0)40 740 7997 (export)
  • the rack with cmr/other documents is not in use for the moment. Please check the postboxes outside our office. We will put dokuments there 3 times per day at 9.00, 15.00 and 21.00. Please observe this and when possible send the documents straight to the drivers.
  • the vessels stowage plan is no longer visible at Lokomo
  • drivers bringing paper reels and -pallets will be served by phone +358(0)40 740 8021
  • container lifts and damage reports are handled as before

Stevedoring somessa!

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